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Trump-Farage interview – latest: Ex-president hits out at ‘disrespectful’ Meghan and Harry

How to watch Donald Trump’s interview with Nigel Farage

Donald Trump hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for being “disrespectful” to the late Queen Elizabeth.

Speaking Nigel Farage on GB News, the former president said he was “surprised” Harry was invited to King Charles’s coronation after writing Spare, which Mr Trump called a “just horrible” book.

The wide-ranging interview with Mr Farage, an ideological ally, was the only one Mr Trump interview gave on a two-day trip to Scotland to open a golf course in Ayrshire bearing his name.

Trump interview :

Elsewhere in a 30 minute chat, Mr Trump struck an uncharacteristically modest note when discussing his prospects of winning back the presidency in 2024.

Asked how he expects a race against incumbent Joe Bidento play out, the former president said “I think we have a very good chance,” toning down the boastful style that marked his first bid for the job.

He also said he would end the Ukraine war in “one day” if he were president, and accused Boris Johnson of turning “far-left” while in office.

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Key Points

  • Ex-president ‘surprised’ Harry invited to coronation
  • Trump won’t say for certain he’ll win in 2024
  • ‘China invented Covid-19’: Trump repeats claim yet again
  • Boris Johnson went ‘far-left’ in office, says Trump
  • Trump says ‘great to be home’ in Scotland

Donald Trump ‘surprised’ Prince Harry invited to coronation

20:04 , Liam James

Donald Trump gave his opinion on Prince Harry’s relationship with the other royals.

Speaking to Nigel Farage about the coming coronation of King Charles, Mr Trump said: “I was actually surprised that Harry was invited.”

He went on: “He said some terrible things … and the book [‘Spare’] was just horrible.”


Setelah seorang wanita ke-3 bersaksi Trump melakukan pelecehan seksual terhadapnya,


Trump shies away from saying he’d win in 2024

19:46 , Liam James : Trump interview

The ordinarily boastful Donald Trump said he has only “a very good chance” of winning in 2024.

He was asked about his prospects in the next US presidential election in an interview with Nigel Farage for GB News.

The former president, who plans to run against Joe Biden once more, said: “I think we have a very good chance.”

He went on: “The economy’s not good, I’ll make it good. Everyone knows that.”

Trump interview claim China invented Covid-19

19:45 , Liam James

Former US president and businessman Donald Trump repeated his claim that China was behind the emergence of coronavirus, calling it a “gift” from Beijing.

During an interview with GB News, he said: “It came out of Wuhan, I said that right from the beginning, from day one I said that.

“And I had reasons to say it, but it came out of Wuhan. But the question is, did they do it on purpose or not?

“I think it was incompetence. They blew it and they’re suffering. Then they had it. They did hide it. Yeah, they tried to hide it.”

Mr Trump said the Chinese government should pay reparations for the alleged so-called virus leak, but added that they can “never pay” the full damage international economies and populations had suffered.


Trump claims he could ‘end the Ukraine war in one day’

19:40 , Liam James : Trump interview

Donald Trump said he would be able to put a stop to the war in Ukraine in a single day if he were re-elected to the White House.

Speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News in an interview recorded during his visit to Scotland, Mr Trump said: “If I were president, I will end that war in one day. It’ll take 24 hours. I will get that ended. It would be easy.

“That deal would be easy. A lot of it has to do with the money. That war has to be stopped. It is a disaster.”

Mr Trump said he “got along great” with Russian president Vladimir Putin, adding: “Putin never would have gotten into Ukraine if it weren’t for the incompetence of this administration, this current administration.

“Putin was not going in, it was never mentioned and I knew him very well.”

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Boris Johnson went ‘far-left’ in office, says Trump

19:35 , Liam James : Trump interview

Donald Trump said Boris Johnson “changed a lot in office”, suggesting policies under the former prime minister’s Conservative administration were “far-left”.

The former US president told GB News the Tories “really weren’t staying Conservative.”

“They were going – I mean they were literally going far-left,” he continued.

“It never made sense. I’m saying this as an insider looking in, they were going far-left. What were they doing?

“And now maybe Labour’s in the lead, maybe they’re not. I don’t know who’s in the lead.

“But I can tell you they were not Conservative policies in the end.”

Trump and Johnson at a Nato summit (AFP/Getty)
Trump and Johnson at a Nato summit (AFP/Getty)

Biden physically incapable of attending coronation, Trump suggests



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