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Sweden Takes Safeguards, protests in The country

In the Middle of the Al-Quran Burning Crisis

Kabari99-The Swedish government said on Tuesday, August 1 2023, it would take steps to protect its citizens amid growing fears in Sweden and Denmark that the Koran burning crisis could lead to attacks.

The two countries have witnessed a series of protests in recent weeks over copies of the Koran being burnt,

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or tampered with,

which has angered Muslim nations and demanded Nordic governments stop the burning.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Justice Minister Gunnar Stromer will hold a news conference on Tuesday








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to discuss the security situation and present “measures to protect Swedish citizens”, the government said without providing details.

More Koran burnings, permitted under free speech laws,

came Monday when the governments of both countries said they were studying ways to legally limit such acts in a bid to reduce tensions.







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In Denmark,

the Police Intelligence and Security Service (PET) believes burning Qurans has led to an increased risk of attack, PET told public broadcaster DR.

Also on Monday, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held an extraordinary session

to discuss recent developments which strongly condemn the burning of the Koran.







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The OIC also said in a statement after the meeting ended that it asked member countries to take appropriate action,

both politically and economically, in countries where the Koran was tampered with.







After the meeting, the foreign ministers of Denmark and Sweden separately wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that they would continue dialogue with the OIC.

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Sweden’s security situation

Has deteriorated following the country’s recent burning of the Koran and ongoing protests among the Muslim world,

both of which had a negative impact on the Nordic country’s image, its domestic security service said Wednesday.







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The Swedish Security Service says the burning and desecration of religious books in Sweden,

and ongoing information campaigns on social media and elsewhere, have had a negative impact on Sweden’s profile.

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Sweden’s image has changed

“from a tolerant country to one that is hostile to Islam and Muslims,

where attacks on Muslims are sanctioned by the state and Muslim children can be kidnapped by social services,

” the agency which exists by Sweden’s acronym SAPO, he said.







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The country’s current reputation risks triggering threats to Sweden “from individuals in a violent Islamist environment,

” the agency said, adding that Sweden’s terrorism risk remained at a high level, on a three-point scale.

“This is a serious situation we are in,” Susanna Trehörning, deputy head of counter-terrorism at SAPO,







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told Swedish public broadcaster SVT. “This is an escalating threat, and attacks can exist within an escalating threat framework.”

A recent string of public Quran desecrations by a handful of anti-Islam activists in Sweden and more

recently in neighboring Denmark – has sparked angry demonstrations in Muslim countries.


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