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EU Support for Iran Feels Hollow Given the Harsh Migration Policy

EU leaders were quick to express support for the Iranian people when protests erupted,

Kabari99-EU leaders were quick to express support for the Iranian people as protests erupted,

but tough visa and border restrictions did not show solidarity. The protesters increasingly need a way out given the increasing state repression,

When the nationwide protests in Iran escalated last September, world leaders, including European leaders,







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Joined in international solidarity with the Iranian people.

Even this too, from female members of the European Parliament cutting their hair as a sign of unity with Iranian women,

to foreign ministers giving impassioned speeches and having vows to freeze the assets of the Islamic Republic authorities responsible for the crackdown, expressions of support poured in.






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from every angle. A new understanding has emerged that rebellion needs reinforcement and advocacy.

EU elders spent some political capital and aligned themselves with their counterparts in Tehran

by openly consorting with the most militant ideologues of the diaspora opposition and inviting divisive figures like Maryam Rajavi,







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leader of the unpopular cult of Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MEK), to address their parliament.

They believe that the scene unfolding for the Iranian nation heralds some fundamental changes that are about to take place,

and providing radical dissidents seeking a similar outcome with a platform will speed up that process.







At the height of the protests,

EU elites expressed their support for the Iranian people in asking them, as they had come to prove that their commitment to democratic values was not geographically selective,

that they would support movements that echoed the same. aspirations that have long been associated with the West.







But it soon emerged that apart from coddling a few opposition figures, and lots of rhetorical statements, EU leaders had little to offer.

therefore this is not to deter the Islamic Republic from further violence, or to practically help protesters as they experience the trauma inflicted by the state through repression.

As internet shutdowns, mass detentions, summary trials, and persecution sapped protesters’ social mobility,







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and the world witnessed the unprecedented horrors of repression unfolding before its eyes,







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A humanist Europe

that claims credit for standing up for freedom everywhere and can at least offer a line lives to the embattled Iranian people. But it wasn’t.

The EU’s immigration policy is an enemy that remains an example of the bloc’s direct involvement with ordinary Iranians,

not loosening up in the midst of a sociopolitical crisis that is clearly unmitigated.







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The generous always open door policy introduced to embrace Ukrainians due to the war following the Russian invasion,

or the initiative to accept Afghan refugees following the Taliban takeover in August 2021, does not apply to desperate Iranians either.

European leaders have relentlessly denounced the government in Tehran. However,







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their actions barely live up to their words as they refuse simple measures to alleviate the suffering of those caught between crossroads,

including temporarily altering immigration policies to relocate the most vulnerable citizens.


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