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As a result of the Israeli attack on Jenin

Palestinians return to houses that have become ruins

Kabari99- “We have to run away. Otherwise, my daughter and I will be killed,”said Fatina al-Ghoul. He cried when he saw the pile of rubble and dust that used to be his home.

A bulldozer came and started clearing debris from the road which is now in ruins.

Fatina and nine other women, including her family and neighbors, fled their home in the Jenin refugee camp as Israel carried out one of the largest military operations in the occupied West Bank in years.

Fatina’s family is one of hundreds of Palestinian families who are now returning to the remains of their homes destroyed by drone attacks and fighting between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Palestinian gunmen.






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The attack sparked a shootout with Palestinians

However, the Palestinian foreign minister condemned the operation and called it an “open war against the people of Jenin”.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were supported by drone strikes as they entered the Jenin refugee camp,

where nearly 24,000 people live area of half a square kilometer on Monday morning.

The attack sparked an exchange of fire with Palestinians taking up arms.

The Palestinian Health Authority recorded 12 Palestinians killed in the last two days, including four children, and more than 100 people injured.

Israeli military forces said one of their soldiers was killed when troops started leaving Jenin on Tuesday (4/7) evening.






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“My house has been completely destroyed. Everything is broken and burned. It was all destroyed,” said Fatina.

Several local hospitals also told the BBC they were having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of the conflict.

held a mass funeral

Thousands of residents also took to the streets on Wednesday (5/7) to hold a mass funeral for the residents who were killed – approximately eight of them were members of the military wing of the main Palestinian faction.

Rifle fire was fired in memory of the soldiers who died.

Many Palestinians blame the Palestinian Authority (PA),

the main government that leads Palestinians in the West Bank, for failing to protect them during military operations.

Video footage shared on social media shows two members of the PA delegation being forced to leave the funeral as they were reprimanded by the crowd.







Residents complained from the start of the operation that the PA envoy’s security forces had very easily allowed Israeli military vehicles into the city.

Fatina said she also blamed the PA for the lack of preventive measures. “This is our home. We live in fear, and we are the only ones here to protect her.”

Jenin’s mayor and PA member, Akram Rajoub, disagreed with the statement.

“There is an agreement between the PA and Israel. The PA has never violated the agreement and the security officers are carrying out their duties during military operations according to the orders given by the Palestinian government.”

A soldier from the Palestinian military group said Israeli forces had managed to destroy several facilities, including a warehouse that housed several explosions.

However, the large scale of the operation in the city’s dense population and refugee camps has been criticized by the UN human rights chief. UN humanitarian office sounds “alarm”

For many residents like Fatina, immediate access to drinking water, food and shelter is now very important.

“Tonight we will sleep on the street. We can’t even sit in the house. There is no place for us or our neighbors.”






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Palestinians fear further violence will ensue

the domicile of the West Bank; where the dynamics are much different. Now it feels slowly something much more dangerous will happen.

The camp’s destruction came after Israeli forces launched the largest military operation in 20 years.

When hundreds of troops entered the camp on Monday morning, soldiers responded by firing missiles from drones – airstrikes had not been used in the West Bank in two decades.

They demolished the streets to clear what they called military roadside bombs.

Fierce firefights broke out between the Israeli troops and the Palestinian military group and continued until the Israeli troops withdrew on Tuesday (4/7) night.

Now for the first time, the city has been safe since Sunday. Thousands of people took to the streets to witness the destruction with their own eyes.

They climbed the rubble, took photos on their phones of the wreckage and compared their individual experiences.

They pointed to which houses were raided, whose sons were being held, and where the victims died.







A man walked up to me and said the scene reminded him of photographs from Turkey and Syria earlier this year – which show massive destruction after earthquakes.

The cars were crushed and thrown aside, where they were removed from the path of the Israeli D9 armored bulldozers. The asphalt of the road was torn and scattered everywhere in large chunks.







We walked across the street

traversing the streets littered with: rubble, sand, and dust.

Many homes do not have water or electricity. Volunteers carried crates filled with bottled water.

They worked closely with the recovery workers – some driving the few available diggers.

One of them was removing a fallen tree from above the residence. It cuts through a portion of the facade of a shop on the ground floor.

The Israeli armored convoy withdrew overnight amid fierce fire exchanges with the militants.







Even though it was quite a calm day today, everyone was afraid that more damage would be done.

The Israeli side said they would continue to carry out such operations “as long as necessary to uproot terrorism”. Meanwhile, Palestinian militant groups claimed it was a “victory” and vowed revenge.






Continuing through the camp and the funeral procession began, thousands of mourners sang while carrying stretchers containing the bodies of some of the 12 Palestinians killed since Monday, and 4 of them are under 18 years old.

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