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Arrival of mystery debris identified from India

Australian beach identified as debris from Indian rocket

Kabari99-The device is encrusted with barnacles, which is about the size of a small car,

The mysterious object that washed ashore in Australia has been identified as debris from an Indian rocket.

was found in mid-July in Green Head,

a town about 250 km (155 miles) north of Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

It attracted curious locals, and some gathered for photos before police arrived and cordoned off the area.

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The Australian Space Agency said it had concluded the object was “most likely debris from the exhausted third stage of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

The Indian Space Research Organization operates the medium-lift launch vehicle, the agency added,







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An object that is about 2 meters (6.6 feet) high and has cables dangling from it.

Officials from both countries are working together to

“provide further confirmation to determine next steps, as well as considering obligations and

on the basis of UN space pledges”, the Australian Space Agency said.

This is not the first time Australia has become a space junk landing site.







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Last August, a sheep farmer in New South Wales found a charred chunk of one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX missions jutting out of its pen.

On Monday, the Australian Space Agency (ASA) confirmed what had been theorized by many space enthusiasts,

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Concluding that it was

“most likely debris from the third stage of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle”.

“PSLV is a medium-lift launch vehicle operated by the Indian Space Research Organisation,” the agency said.







The ASA had previously flagged the device could be part of a space vehicle, while it was quick to say it was working on the grounds

that the barnacles and lots of rust were debris from the rocket after it was discovered by members of the public in July. 15.







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“If the community finds further suspicious debris they should report it to local authorities and notify the Australian Space Agency,” the ASA said.

“The Australian Space Agency is committed to the long-term sustainability of space activities,







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including debris mitigation, and continues to highlight this on the international stage.”

The object is nicknamed a “floating object”

and is known to have been at sea for months before it washed up in WA, based on its condition.

Experts removed items that posed a danger to the public after initially worrying they could be carcinogenic and a risk to those photographed with them.






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An analysis by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the Chemical Center of Western Australia determined the object was safe.

“These were those who had contact with the object before being reported to the police,” the authorities said.

Police set up a beach exclusion zone before the item was moved to a secret location.


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