How to be good friends with an ex?

Friendship is beautiful but sometimes there are misunderstandings that damage friendships

Kabari99-Breaking up is hard. Losing friendships with exes is part of what makes breaking up so difficult,

especially if they were friends before starting dating. This will teach you how to determine whether or not you are ready to be friends with your ex,






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and how to maintain a platonic friendship with them.

Unfortunately, today there are still many ex-boyfriends who are confused about how to start a good relationship as friends after breaking up, so they prefer to stay away from each other.






Currently Kabari99 will start tips that are continuous and useful for those who want to start friendship with an ex,

take a peek at the tips that have been summarized in Kabari99.







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1.Walk away first after breaking up

before you can make friends with your ex, it’s better to stay away after breaking up first. For some people, ending a relationship is very hard. They may feel stressed, lost, and confused. This is normal. For that, make sure to give time to heal the wounds in the heart.





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After feeling relieved and recovered, then you can start to make friends with him. Make sure your ex is done with his wounds too, so you can both start friendship again from the beginning.

2.Create clear boundaries

The change from partners to friends can certainly be confusing. Of course, there are things that you can no longer do together after breaking up. For example, you used to hold his hand when you were together. However, after breaking up, you may no longer be able to do that.






Therefore, you must create clear boundaries about what you can and cannot do. ask yourself and him this question: Can you still make phone calls, or can you just chat via chat? Can you still go for a walk alone? Are these things natural for you to keep doing, with status as just friends?






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3.Make sure you and him have really moved on

before deciding to return to being friends, make sure you both have moved on completely together. Because, if one of you still has feelings, the platonic relationship will be very difficult to build.






You can ask yourself: How did you feel when you saw this guy? Do you still feel nervous when you have to talk to him? Do you feel sad if he already has a new partner? If so, it could be that you haven’t fully moved on.






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4.Always make your new partner a priority

If you already have a new partner, make sure he is your priority, not your ex anymore. Then, make sure your partner knows that you have every intention of being good friends with your ex.






Don’t forget, you also have to respect and empathize with your partner’s current feelings. Not infrequently, couples can feel insecure when their lover is still good friends with their ex.





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Those are some of the tips that Kabari99 gives, so keep following our website which will always provide lots of the latest and other interesting information.



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