What subjects at university yield the best jobs?

Economics, Technology, history, business or art

Kabari99-Biology, economics, computer science, medicine, history, media studies, international relations and many others the variety of subjects available at university may seem overwhelming.

Deciding where and what to study for many young people is one of the first big decisions they have to make in life.

Given the huge investment of going to university, the possible payout in terms of salary is a key consideration when selecting subjects.

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In general,

many of the best-paying careers are for graduates in Stem subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics),

says Madhav Juneja, UAE country manager for Crimson Education, which helps students gain entry to universities.







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Science and engineering degrees can result in good salaries, but experts say the choice should be about more than potential earnings,

“It’s demand and supply,” he said. “The main factor that

In the UAE, business degrees are popular and the country’s university leadership has previously said graduates in these fields have good job prospects.

The finding of the online portal under the name Complete University Guide, although specific to the UK,








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also indicates that Stem courses result in well-paying jobs.

Not left behind are chemical engineering, pharmacology and pharmacy, economics and other engineering fields,

this is also mechanical engineering as well as electrical and electronic engineering.

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Other high ranking subjects are

social, physics and construction last month’s report citing US Census Bureau data offered a similar mix, with medicine,

petroleum engineering, zoology (which can be a precursor to veterinary science), pharmacology, and economics taking the top five spots.







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Next are mathematics, actuarial science, and a number of engineering fields, including biomedical and marine.

“This is definitely a relative challenge for humanities and arts graduates,” says Juneja.

“When they study the humanities or the arts, it generally aligns with what they want to do. Workability is the challenge.

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he says that a US country-wide liberal arts education can create graduates who are able to adapt to economic changes.

He also suggested that the arts and humanities were becoming more popular in his native India.







People who have graduated in arts or humanities could improve their employability, he suggested, by taking technical subjects, such as artificial intelligence.

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Last year The National reported on the findings of a survey by a US company called ZipRecruiter,

87 percent of journalism graduates said that, given another chance, they would choose a different subject.

Other subjects to make on the list of subjects graduates regret are sociology, liberal arts, general studies, communications and education.







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Citing an analysis by British organization The Institute for Fiscal Studies, David Hawkins, from The University Guys,

which assists students in choosing majors and applying, said the relationship between choice of major and salary was unclear.


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