Now Netflix Releases New Applications that are more Useful

Aims to Turn iPhones and iPads into Game Controllers

Kabari99-Netflix released a new app called “Netflix Game Controller”. As the name implies, this application allows users to turn smartphones and tablets into controllers to play Netflix games on television.

Currently, the Netflix Game Controller can be downloaded for free on the App Store for the iOS platform.

However, this software is not yet available on the Google Play Store for the Android platform.

This means that only iPhones and iPads can be turned into game controllers with this application.

Even though it can be downloaded, information regarding the Netflix controller application is still limited.








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It is not yet known what games support the controller,

how to connect it to the television, and whether the controller will be available on Android or not.

In the description on the App Store, it only says “coming soon” on Netflix. Then,








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the description also explains that users can connect a mobile device to a television,

then use that device as a controller when playing Netflix games. The App Store page also shows the Netflix controller view.

At the top of the controller, there is a Netflix logo and a symbol of three vertical lines (burger lines) whose function is unknown.








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there’s a gray analog on the bottom left of the controller and an “ABYX” button on the right. The controller has a black background.

Finally, the page shows that the Netflix Game Controller is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. According to the page,








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the app requires operating system (OS) iOS 15.0 or later for iPhone and iPod Touch, while iPads must be running iPadOS 15.0 or later.

The Netflix Game Controller requires 29.7 MB of storage space. After the application is downloaded,

the user will be asked to select a game via the television, and follow a series of steps to connect the mobile device to the television.








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This controller application is still useless, because the Netflix Games service itself is not yet available on television,

as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Friday (11/8/2023). It is not known when the service will hit television,

but the appearance of the application menu reveals that Netflix Games will launch in the beta stage.








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As a result, some devices may not be supported when Netflix Games releases on television.

Not only television. For information, Netflix has announced its plans to “spread” its wings from mobile games to other platforms.

In March,

Leanne Loombe as VP External Games at Netflix said that the company wants to launch its games on every platform that supports Netflix.

In other words, television will also be one of the platforms that get the Netflix Games service.









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In addition, Loombe also confirmed that Netflix’s cloud gaming service is in the development stage.

It is possible that this cloud gaming service can be used to play Netflix games on television.

Currently, Netflix has launched approximately 50 games for mobile devices. There are 40 games planned to be launched this year,

16 of which are developed by internal studios, while the other 70 games are worked on by Netflix partner studios.


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