Japan expands communications into outer space

Expectations for data exchanges via satellites are growing

Kabari99-Expectations for data exchanges via satellites are growing, A Japanese company has developed a cloud-based platform to connect the ground station antennas scattered around the world.

This video shows how the numerous satellites orbiting the Earth

and the antennas spread out across the globe will exchange data,

as well as the great possibilities to create new industries and enrich our daily lives.

Innovative technologies and lower costs have enabled the launch of a large number of small satellites,

and expectations are growing regarding the use of data acquired from space.









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There are not enough ground stations to receive this satellite data.

CEO & Co-Founder Naomi Kurahara delivered,
We have connected ground stations scattered around the world,

and created a shared network capable of large

and frequent data transmission by satellite.

This will allow data from the satellite to be easily accessible.

Earth stations are usually set up for communication with only one fixed satellite.

These stations are only capable of communicating with orbiting satellites in a very small window

every day the data can receive an average of about 40 minutes.









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Many stations existA

Around the world and are inactive for over 97% of their operating time.

The company has developed a ground station network that connects antennas around the world.

This network allows individual antennas to communicate

and the result is that more data can be received from satellites,

more often and at a lower cost.









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COO & Co-Founder Kazuo Ishi says

We created the system as a cloud-based platform.

Even with data from satellites with different communication methods,

the platform remains very flexible by converting data in the cloud into a format users can use”he said”

As this platform becomes more established,

so too will a surrounding environment that will give rise to new businesses which involve the collection,

analysis, and application of data acquired from satellites.









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As a result,

In fields such as agriculture, energy, and logistics, users will be able to ascertain a situation

or adjust for supply and demand in nearly real time,

with such capabilities expected to bring efficiency gains to a variety of scenarios.

It might even be possible to manage risks and provide detailed economic forecasts with greater accuracy.









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Finally CEO & Co-Founder Naomi Kurahara said

We are creating a future where information from outer space will be continuously collected.

Data from satellites provide us with great possibilities,

not only for industrial growth such as the development of space-related technologies,

but also in areas that will enrich our daily lives.

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