For tech users, change is good

It's becoming increasingly important to avoid platform locking, whether you're a dedicated Windows user, an Apple fan, or you prefer Android because with technology, change is a constant.

Kabari99-Small business or home user of Microsoft, leading technology consultant Mark Minasi often jokes that Microsoft writes software for the Fortune 499 out of every major Fortune 500

Companies except Apple which means that for years consumers and home users only followed the big company Microsoft.

This is true more than ever with Windows 11. From its security credentials to its upgraded hardware requirements,





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Windows 11 has been a tough sell.

The hardware mandate appears to be arbitrary and appears to drive sales of new computers.

But they have a purpose to house building blocks for additional security protection involving credentials.

The problem is that many small businesses and home users are unable to take advantage of this security feature for various reasons.

Or they don’t see the value of using biometrics, Windows Hello,






or other stronger authentication techniques when they just want to use the computer without requiring a password to log in.

Many tech companies are now realizing that the odds of having a working Windows desktop are getting smaller and smaller.

Some users have moved to Apple computers, for example, or are now relying on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.






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it’s also seen Apple computers make inroads into boardrooms even as Google Chromebooks make their way into classrooms.

Many of us in the last 30 to 40 years have been all about the Microsoft ecosystem, but the next 40 years will have a similar focus.





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sometimes users have to make changes when a vendor drops a product line. Case in point is the news about Intel discontinuing its Next Unit of Compute (NUC) unit.

Small and powerful, these small devices are often used by consultants to power the streaming units, signs,





and even desktops required for small form factors. Sometimes, users just switch to something new.

Given the many cross currents in today’s technology, it’s important to avoid getting stuck and not wanting (or not being able to) upgrade





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Here are recommendations on how to do this:

Consider alternatives to technologies such as fax, scanning, and printing.

For business and home users, vendors are moving away from printing to portable document formats.

For many people, cell phones can now be used as scanners or to take pictures of documents. Older printers often don’t integrate well with newer operating systems, be it Windows, Android, or Apple.





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And given that for many businesses, electronic transfer portals are now the norm, this is no exception,

open to receive documents in electronic format, not in paper form.

Always look to the enthusiastic crowd for solutions to problems.





For example, if you think you can’t install Windows 11 without a mandated Microsoft account,
installing Windows 11 on hardware that is not officially supported,

If we don’t like the menu system, file explorer, or some other problem, there are many people who make commercial products to fix these problems or create solutions.





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Don’t get caught up in any technology using a particular platform.

Relying too heavily on processes that do not foresee and evolve is unwise.

If we use technology that won’t work either on the Windows platform or with the Apple ecosystem, it’s likely not going to last.





Willing to learn new things

have gone from replacing the tube on the back of televisions to where they now use iPhones, iPads, and Windows computers on a regular basis.

and logged in to his bank with his Apple device FaceID to review what he had posted to his bank account as well as his retirement direct deposit.

now have Apple Watch. sometimes feel bothered by the password,





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the point is to go through many technological changes and make it a point to keep learning.

Finally, when it comes to old technology,

don’t expect all vendors to still support any operating system. There will come a time when today’s most important part of any operating system,





the browser will stop supporting the operating system.

So, when Firefox announced that September 2024 was the end date for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support, we needed to move one from those old computers.






we will be able to find spare parts for it easily. The power supply will eventually turn off. The hard drive will also die.

And do it and move on to something newer.


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