Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Rumors about what it might bring

The Vision Pro headset will arrive

Kabari99-People have been speculating about Apple’s entry into the world of virtual and augmented reality headsets for the better part of a decade, and at WWDC 2023, it finally revealed Vision Pro.

The new headset runs visionOS,

uses two Apple Silicon chips (M2 Ultra and R1),

and can be used for up to two hours with a tethered battery pack or for as long as you want if it’s plugged in.

It also uses “natural control” with hand and eye tracking as well as voice commands.

The Vision Pro headset will arrive “early next year” in the US, and Apple is pricing it at $3,499 to start.










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Apple had never officially confirmed that it was working on the headset, but over the years,

there were all kinds of rumors about what it might make. Now we know the truth about Vision Pro,

a mixed reality device capable of both virtual and augmented reality experiences.









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Just like the rumors said,

Users can switch between AR and VR using a digital crown-style dial,

and depending on what they’re viewing, it displays their eyes on the front so that others know the person wearing it can see them.

just walked out of a long demo session with Apple’s new $3,499 Vision Pro headset,

which the company announced at WWDC 2023 as “the world’s most advanced consumer electronics device.”

It’s… a really really nice VR headset with impressive displays and video passthrough.









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And mean’s

incredibly impressive displays and video passthrough this was happily using phone

to take notes while wearing the Vision Pro, something no other headset can realistically allow.

That said, while Apple would obviously prefer that people think of the Vision Pro as a “powerful spatial computer” or an augmented reality device,

there’s really no getting around the essential VR headset nature of the thing, down to the adjustable headstraps which definitely messed up my hair.

It looks, feels, and behaves like a VR headset. If you’ve used a Meta Quest,

just imagine the best possible Meta Quest running something very much like iPadOS, and you’ll get it.









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People said

Listen to the sounds of the Vision Pro.9to5Mac posted this clip with even more system sounds included in the visionOS beta 3 update released today.

Other Vision Pro software changes now match WWDC marketing images, suggesting previous builds were well out of date.

The report also notes accessibility tweaks that adjust controls for people who can’t make a gesture with one of their hands, can’t use both eyes to navigate, and more.

And finally, there’s a notification included saying “Mouse input is currently not supported on visionOS.” How would Douglas Engelbart take that news?

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