AI stepped in to help understaffed 911 operators

With the help of artificial intelligence, operators’ mental health

Kabari99-Ai technology will be used Answering frantic suicide calls, car accidents, or choking children is an everyday reality for 911 operators,

who often never get closure for the tragedies they experience on the other end of the phone line.

With the help of artificial intelligence,

operators’ mental health could be bolstered at a time when the majority of call centers are understaffed

and as operators still reel from the chaos caused by the pandemic and its lockdowns.









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People are at the forefront of 911, and our 911 telecommunicators,

the people who answer the calls, are such valuable assets, but we’re putting them in a bad situation on a daily basis.

They are communicating with people in the worst moments of their lives, and they are in situations that don’t end well and are very traumatic,








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” North Central Texas Emergency Communications District (NCT911) Director Christy Williams told Fox News Digital in a phone interview.

NCT911 is responsible for supporting more 40 emergency communications centers across 14 counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas,

and has been using innovative technology such as AI to help strengthen call centers in recent years, Williams said.








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Currently, Williams and her team are working with Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon

that provides cloud computing services for companies, to test a program that would monitor calls fielded by operators

and flag when an operator has had repeated tragic conversations.








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“We want the artificial intelligence to be able to tag any calls that we think might be jeopardizing

the mental health of a telecommunicator,” Williams said.

The system would then tally how many stressful calls an operator has had by the end of their shift, or even mid-shift,

and flag a supervisor if the operator needs to be taken off the floor and unwind in a quiet room.








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Williams said that her mission, and others leading 911 call centers, is to save lives,

and that turning to AI to help streamline work or to keep employees happier has been a beneficial tool.

“People reach burnout or suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder based on what they’re faced with every day.








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So we are working with AWS and looking to find solutions to track calls and the telecommunicators that answer them so that

a supervisor would know that, ‘Hey, this individual has had five bad calls today or this week,’” she said.


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