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Honne Concert: HONNE Asia Tour 2023 Indonesia

Successfully held a concert in Indonesia

Kabari99-HONNE successfully held its music concert in Jakarta on Friday (7/7/2023). The concert by the British duo band, entitled HONNE Asia Tour 2023, was lively and exciting at Ancol Beach City International Stadium, Jakarta.

The concert, entitled “HONNE ASIA TOUR 2023”, seemed to heal fans’ longing after the last time in 2019.

“Hello Jakarta, how are you?” Andrew said opening greetings to the audience.
“We really miss you guys. This is our fifth time performing in Indonesia.”






The band fronted by Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher also succeeded in entertaining thousands of fans in Jakarta. This concert is the second time HONNE has visited Indonesia, after holding a similar concert in 2019.

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The Honne concert opened with their hit song

British duo band Honne successfully held a solo concert at Beach City International Stadium, Jakarta on July 7 2023. The concert succeeded in getting the audience to sing along and find it difficult to move on.
The concert, entitled “HONNE ASIA TOUR 2023”, seemed to heal fans’ longing after the last time in 2019.
“Hello Jakarta, how are you?” Andrew said opening greetings to the audience.
“We really miss you guys. This is our fifth time performing in Indonesia.”
HONNE ConcertHoly concert “HONNE ASIA TOUR 2023”, 7 July 2023 at Beach International Stadium, Jakarta (PRAMBORS/Aqilah Ananda Purwanti)

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At this concert, James Hatcher and Andrew Clutterbuck performed more than 10 of their hits, plus performances from their collaborator, BEKA.
The Honne concert opened with their hit song “IDGAF ABOUT PAIN” which was immediately greeted with boisterousness by the audience.
After that, Honne immediately sang the songs “Me & You” and “free love”. In this song, BECCA took the stage to sing with James and Andrew.






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The song “Location Unknown” Makes the Audience Sing A Long

the most awaited song was when Honne performed their hit song “Location Unknown”, Kawula Muda! Especially when BEKA, with her trademark soft voice, also sang the song live.
“We’re about to do the song you guys have been waiting for,” James said, before the music started.

The atmosphere at Beach City International Stadium became even more exciting with the sound of the audience singing the song “Location Unknown”.
So hits that are still viral since their release in 2018,

Honne performed the song “Location Unknown” in two versions, namely the version with more upbeat music at the beginning, and an acoustic version at the end of the event.

On a simple stage, the audience joined in the celebration by turning on flashlights from their cell phones, making the atmosphere even more serene.
Apart from “Location Unknown”, there were also the songs “Day 1”, “Coming Home”, to the song “Good Together” as their hits which were performed in concert.

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And the concert James Shows His Skills Playing Guitar

James showed his talent by playing guitar. This skill was shown in the song that was released in 2018, namely “Shrink”.
“Look at James, applause for all James,” said Andrew, who was greeted with applause from the audience.
Seeing the enthusiasm of the audience at their concert, Honne said he was happy to be back in Indonesia and greet his fans.

“It feels like coming home every time we come back,” said Andrew.
Exactly at 23.00 WIB, the Honne concert ended with two closing songs namely “Warm on a Cold Night” and “Location Unknown”.
The concert “HONNE ASIA TOUR 2023” continues in Surabaya on July 9 2023 at Grand City Surabaya.

Sponsors who attended to support this event

The success of the HONNE concert in Jakarta could not be separated from the contribution of various sponsors who were present to support this event, one of which was Mie Sedaap. Mie Sedaap also presents two variants, namely Mie Sedaap Laksa and Mie Sedaap Goreng to enliven the HONNE concert in Jakarta.

Both of these menus are creations of Sedaap, where the toppings served are different than usual. From this menu, everyone will have a different eating experience every time they try the menu at the Mie Sedaap booth!







Mie Sedaap also presents a variety of fun besides food, you know. One of them is the face painting activity at the booth which was crowded with HONNE fans and various challenges that made the concert experience even more memorable and memorable.

So, after attending the Honne concert in Jakarta, Mie Sedaap will also attend the We The Fest 2023 music concert which will take place at the East Parking Senayan, Jakarta from 21 to 23 July 2023, you know. So, don’t miss to stop by the Mie Sedaap booth during the concert!

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