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Hilala Al Hamdani The Abu Dhabi-based poet has passed away

She participates in the Abu Dhabi-based Million Poets Program

Kabari99-A poet Oman daughter based in abu dhabi passed away she was a Nabati poet who died of a stroke three days after giving birth to her first baby,

Condolences poured in as social media was filled with messages upon hearing the news.

Many poets and tweeters mourned her, recounting her virtues and expressing their shock at her sudden death.

Al Hamdani’s poetic journey was heavily influenced by her father, who excelled in both eloquent and Nabati poetry.









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During her high school years,

she was more drawn to eloquent poetry. However, after completing high school, she embraced Nabati poetry.

She showcased her talent by participating in the second edition of the Abu Dhabi-based Million’s Poet Programme,

where she reached advanced stages and left a lasting impression.

Just one day before her death, Al Hamdani shared a heartwarming message on her Snapchat account,










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thanking her aunt Laila for the greeting card she had sent. The card offered warm congratulations to Al Hamdani on the birth of her newborn baby.

Hilala reportedly suffered a stroke three days after she gave birth to her newborn.

It was also said she posted on her account on Snapchat on Tuesday morning a congratulatory card from her aunt with the words

“عزيزتي هلالة…الحمد لله على سلامتك. ألف مبروك المولود.. خالتك ليلى”









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The poetess was influenced by her father,

She was more influenced by eloquence, until she completed secondary school. After that, she mastered Nabati poetry.

She was the first Omani poetess to take part in the Million’s Poet programs, and that she reached advanced stages.

Abu Dhabi-based Million’s Poet is a unique talent show that is revolutionizing a traditional art form for the modern era,

revitalizing Nabati poetry for a young Arab generation and reconnecting them with a heritage that stretches back more than five centuries.








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The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (Adach)

Commissioned and pays for the show as part of a bigger initiative by the biggest Emirate to raise the cultural bar in the Gulf.

Millions’ Poets costs Dhs70m (£14m) to produce per season, including the Dhs27m in prize money.

The Millions’ Poets phenomenon has spurred the launch of a dedicated satellite channel for re-runs, a website that gets millions of hits, and a magazine.









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Her love for classical Arabic and Nabati poetry endeared her to many, and she carved a place for herself as a significant cultural figure in Oman.

Her appearances on local television and radio, along with her moving poetry readings at literary events, cemented her legacy in the hearts of the people.

The news of her passing came as a shock, and the poetic community mourns the loss of this talented soul.

Hilalah Al Hamadani’s contributions to the world of poetry will be cherished and remembered for generations to come.


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