Good business for Thai and Indonesian Cosmetic Industry

Cooperation between Thailand and Indonesia in the Cosmetics Industry Brings Positive Results

Kabari99-The Director of the Jakarta Thai Trade Center, Hataichanok Sivara explained that the cooperation between Thailand and Indonesia between the cosmetics sector was able to grow the industries of the two countries,

even in Southeast Asia. According to him, the cosmetics industry in both Thailand and Indonesia is currently growing rapidly.







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“Cosmetic and personal care products are now the focus of many entrepreneurs who see opportunities in this promising business,” said Hataichanok Sivara in a statement, Tuesday (1/8).







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Regarding the potential for the two countries to develop this,

Hataichanok said that not long ago they had established cooperation through the “Thailand Cosmetics & Personal Care Business Matching” event.

The activity which was held at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta (25/7), explained Sivara,

was an important moment to help Thai exporters enter the Indonesian market. “Apart from that,







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this event is also a golden opportunity to understand more deeply about the Indonesian market, including the requirements for halal certification,” he said.

Sivara emphasized that cosmetic and personal care products from Thailand have great opportunities in the Indonesian market.







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The main objective of the activity is to help Thai exporters meet importers in Indonesia,

so that they can successfully enter and expand market share in this country.

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In order to achieve this goal,

the seminar involved the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) and the Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH) whose job is to educate Thai companies,

especially those engaged in cosmetics and personal care, to better understand the needs of the Indonesian market.







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Thai Trade Center Jakarta is part of the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Trade of Thailand.

With the cooperation and collaboration between Thailand and Indonesia in the beauty sector,

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it is hoped that the growth of this industry can continue to grow and provide positive benefits for both countries and the people of Southeast Asia.

The “Thailand Cosmetics & Personal Care Business Matching”

event was attended by 18 cosmetic and personal care companies from Thailand, while no less than 180 companies from Indonesia.

Cosmetic and personal care company from Thailand, for skin care categories such as IN2IT, Milk Plus, De Leaf Thanaka,







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Proud, Madelyn, Natural Serisin Premium, Mc Jabrial, Natural Medisilk Premium, P.O Care, Ustar-Signature, milk.

In the hair care category, the brands Biowoman and Narose are present, while body care is represented by the brands Fae and Mae, and Orchid Wonder.

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As for herbal aroma spray/perfume and inhalers, there are the Ayatana, Kiss of Beauty and Idoggrance brands,

and for cosmetics, beauty and spa, there are Pattrena and Merry Cosmetic Laboratory.


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